How to Update Your Job Descriptions for Pay Transparency Laws

A 5 Step Guide on What's Required & How to Get it Done

Vermont just signed pay transparency into law, which goes into effect on July 1 2025 making it the 11th state-wide enforcement of pay transparency.

With 14 other states considering legislation as we speak, we could soon see pay transparency across half the country.

This means you will have to spend 100s of hours updating your job descriptions.

😩 (Well… maybe not 100s… especially with this guide 😉)

You need to spend time updating your jobs so that:

  • You comply with pay transparency legislation

  • You reduce the risk of pay equity issues

  • You’re benchmarking accurate jobs to survey data

So, I wrote this guide to help you update your job description inventory to comply with pay transparency laws.

How do I know this works?

This is the same process our clients are using at Mosh JD to update their jobs to comply with pay transparency laws effective now and those coming in the future.

In the guide I tell you…

  • Which states have enacted pay transparency laws & what's required

  • The steps to take to identify which jobs need updating

  • How to update your job descriptions to comply

  • How to prep managers for comp convos

Steal this process to save 1+ hour while updating your job descriptions to comply with pay transparency & prepare for future requirements.

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