3 GPTs That Will Save you Hours When Updating Job Descriptions

We’ve tested 20+ custom GPTs to find the best ones for job description design. These 3 will save you hours of time updating job descriptions.

These custom GPTs are similar to the one embedded in Mosh JD. Our clients use Ai to save hours of time writing and updating job descriptions.

If you are a compensation or HR pro who’s dreading the hours of time it will take to update or consolidate your JD inventory, this is for you.

I’ll show you a GPT…

  1. You can use to upgrade your JDs by sourcing industry data

  2. You can use to develop competency based frameworks

  3. You can use to build out job skills, talent development plans, and more

Let’s get into it!

How to Find GPTs

If you are new to GPTs you will need ChatGPT 4 to access custom GPTs

GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT that were programed for a specific purpose and made public by people like you and me.

Creators of these custom versions of ChatGPT are able to give the Ai:

  • Instructions for its intended use case to pre-define its persona/role

  • Upload datasets to add to its knowledge base

  • Give the GPT the ability to surf the web

Navigate to “Explore GPTs” and search for the below 3

Job Description Optimizer

This GPT scans the web for best practices and industry data to make recommendations on you can make the provided JD better.

Simply upload the JD via the paperclip and prompt Job Description Optimizer to suggest improvements.

In the below photo you can see the GPT suggested I:

  • Update Qualifications and Competencies to be more relevant

  • Clarify job responsibilities

  • Modernize the About Us section

  • Enhance Job Attractiveness (good for Job posts)

  • Specify DEI initiatives and importance to showcase company commitment

Talent Competency Framework Advisor

This GPT was designed by Kathlynn Nguyen a compensation director as a learning project.

The GPT can assist in the development of competency and leveling frameworks.

It will save hours of time when transitioning from traditional qualification heavy (education based) job descriptions to competency based JDs.

My example below I prompted Talent Competency Framework Advisor to develop a framework for a Surgical Assistant 2.

Talent Architect

Looking to take a skill-based approach to your job descriptions? Or to develop a skills list for a new job?

Talent architect is a great solution and will save you hours of time developing a list of required job skills.

In my example below I prompted Talent Architect to develop a skills list for a surgical assistant 2.

These 3 custom ChatGPTs will save you hours of time when updating and creating job descriptions.

Results provided by ChatGPT should always be used as a first draft.

  • Utilize to establish a foundation

  • Share internally for feedback and confirmation of accuracy

  • Use feedback loops to improve results provided from ChatGPT

Once JDs are update store them in a JD governance system - like Mosh JD 😉

Try these GPTs out and let us know how it goes! If you find ones better We’d love to hear about them.

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Till next time! ✌️

Mosh JD